I Have Seen It All

I know I was a bit too late,

In the age where people can’t wait,

Was still in my high school,

With an urge to be cool,

Was trying to find passion,

In the era where interests change like fashion.


And there I found my first love,

For me he was all above,

With his IQ at its peak,

This guy sure was a geek.

Wherever he went people baffled,

But he was cute and bespectacled.

Mathemetics, First Love

In the beginning, it looked like he was made for me,

It was ‘hence proved’, and we were ‘CPCT*

A class below and a bit younger,

For him age was just a ‘number

He kept me on my toes, always on action,

Together we’d solve the biggest mysteries through equations.


Everything between us was completely ‘integrated’,

We gelled so well, nothing between us could be ‘differentiated

He comprised of different chapters

Each filled with even more adventure

For the world sure he was a mystic

This guy whose name was Mathematics.


These two years with him was the best time,

It was all fun and completely divine

I loved him and he let me be,

I became him and he was me

One thing he taught me was the importance of change,

I applied it to him and we became estranged.


I moved on from school to the college,

In my life was a new relationship on the older one’s wreckage.

Unlike the previous, this guy was popular and social,

Regarding all issues he was a bit vocal

He spoke a lot and had a lot of critics,

An amazing guy, whose name was Economics.

Economics, Second Love

His ‘demand’ was huge in the public

But the ‘supply‘ was limited in my republic.

I thought this imbalance was a thing of short-run

But our relationship didn’t attain equilibrium, even in long-run.

For every situation he had a theory,

This definitely couldn’t be my story.


He was a bit boring, despite being huge

A bright guy, but the time was scrooge

Even when we were together, I made the move,

Assuming that my life would begin to groove

Accounting, Third Love

I met a guy whom no one was doubting,

A handsome guy whose name was Accounting.


On first sight, I saw in him my future,

Thinking he shared religion my first love’s nature.

I thought our bond would be a going concern,

My happiness with him would never take a u-turn

I decided to take a plunge, no time to waste,

It turned out the decision was taken in haste.


He was a gentleman with big digits,

My credits couldn’t simply match his debits.

We lived in an elegant house with amazing in-laws,

But relationship lacked thrill, bound by societal laws.

Throughout the marriage, I saw myself caged

No scope for prolificacy, I wasn’t even waged.


Half a decade passed, now it was the time to confront,

Get away with the burden and wedlock to defunct.

As I look back in time, it was a heartburn,

the time I spent with these guys wouldn’t return

But the experience they left me with,

Was absolutely real and not a myth.


I am left with a life without a hero,

Positions all squared and back to ground-zero.

I am free and hold no credentials

No limit to use my muse to full potential.

No fear of judgment no societal laws

I am free to travel places or be where I was.


Though this freedom has made me a bit pervert,

With men of different names, I flirt.

On Friday, it was ‘Medicine’, ‘Physics’ on Sunday

‘History’ took my Monday, it’d be ‘Literature’ some day.

I have stopped caring about the blabber,

Even the Guy’s religion doesn’t matter.

P.S.: So now you see, I have seen it all
*Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangle


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